Formula 1 news

Formula 1 news from 15 August 2017
Wind tunnel problems hurt Red Bull says Horner
Christian Horner says problems at the factory caused Red Bull's early-season problems in 2017.... 15 August 2017
No trend in Ferrari vs Mercedes battle says Binotto
It is not possible to say that either Mercedes or Ferrari has the edge at the mid-season point in a close battle for 2017 spoils.... 15 August 2017
No intention of breaking contract says Sainz
Carlos Sainz says he is happy tensions with his Red Bull and Toro Rosso bosses have calmed after an intense recent period.... 14 August 2017
Bottas the perfect driver says Rosberg
Valtteri Bottas might be close to being "the perfect driver".... 14 August 2017
Drivers unhappy with extra Halo weight
While most focus on the aesthetics, it is another feature of the controversial 'Halo' system that might actually have a more significant impact on F1.... 11 August 2017
Rosberg physio backs Kubica comeback
Yet another respected figure in the F1 paddock has backed Robert Kubica's return to F1.... 11 August 2017
Massa recovers from Hungary illness
Felipe Massa looks to be on track for his return to action after the August break.... 10 August 2017
Rosberg tips Mercedes to beat Ferrari
Nico Rosberg is not sure Ferrari has the ability to stay ahead of Mercedes in 2017.... 10 August 2017
Honda wants to pass Renault in 2017
Honda is aiming to leave behind the dubious honour of being F1's least powerful engine supplier by the end of the season.... 10 August 2017
McLaren set for Indycar return in future
McLaren may not be heading back to Indycar this year, but the future is another matter entirely.... 10 August 2017
Leclerc would be useful for Sauber
Rumours the Swiss team Sauber could become a junior platform for Ferrari are gaining strength.... 9 August 2017
F1 at crossroads over future engine says Horner
The swarms of carmakers flocking to Formula E is a chance for F1 to think about going back to the future with its next engine....