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Formula 1 news from 20 March 2018
Tech Tuesday - How Red Bull have played barge board catch up
Last year Red Bull launched with a very straightforward, clutter-free car design – and were way off the leading pace to start the season. This year’s car features much more detail, particularly around the aerodynamically... 20 March 2018
VIDEO: 5 crazy onboard moments from Australia
From big crashes to unexpected engine blow-outs, we present five of the craziest onboard moments in Australian Grand Prix history!... 20 March 2018
Tech insight - Renault looking for exhaust boost
Teams will stop at nothing to get an aerodynamic boost. And Renault’s new R.S.18 features one of the most interesting solutions on the grid, as Mark Hughes and Giorgio Piola explain… ... 20 March 2018
Australia preview quotes - the teams and drivers on Melbourne
The teams and drivers look ahead to the first race of the 2018 Formula 1 season, which features a record-breaking 21 Grands Prix...... 19 March 2018
FEATURE: Why 2018 could finally be Ferrari's year
“I have no interest in life outside racing cars.” That single-minded attitude defined Enzo Ferrari’s approach to F1, and helps explain why his famous team remain the most successful of all. But for all their glorious his... 16 March 2018
Mercedes tip Haas to surprise in 2018
Haas sprung a surprise when they featured at the sharp end in F1 testing and reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes chief Toto Wolff reckon they could be this season’s dark horse…... 16 March 2018
VOTE: Which driver has the best helmet design on the 2018 F1 grid?
Simple or complicated. Classic or modern. Multi-coloured or monochromatic. Whatever your taste in helmet design, it's time to choose which driver has the best lid on the grid! ... 16 March 2018
FEATURE: The big F1 milestones to watch out for in 2018
2017 was another record-breaking year in F1 - but the history books look set to be re-written once again this season. Here's what to look out for...... 16 March 2018
Formula 1 unleashes global marketing campaign
Formula 1 launches its first ever global marketing campaign. The aim is to challenge the sport’s perceptions by showing through the eyes of the fans what F1 really feels like.... 14 March 2018
FEATURE: Todt tackles F1's big topics
The 2021 engine regulations. Halo. Oil burning. Standing starts. These were just some of the subjects FIA President Jean Todt and F1 Race Director Charlie Whiting addressed in a recent briefing to media in London. We rou... 14 March 2018
FIA Deputy Race Director to join Ferrari's technical team
In a move that's sure to create plenty of debate amongst the teams, Ferrari have recruited a senior member of the FIA to join their technical team later this year, as they bid to end their wait for a first F1 world title... 14 March 2018
FEATURE: How Toro Rosso and Honda got off to a flying start
Pre-season testing was nothing short of a major success for Formula 1 newlyweds Toro Rosso and Honda - and a remarkable turnaround considering their individual struggles in 2017. It is only testing, of course, but as Law...